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Making Memories Monday: Fun and Five

Just going to jump right in today, since I don’t have much to say.

Pictures to Take Throughout the Year

February (week one)

DSCN5167Super Bowl party (with food and decor)


Even though hubby and I WERE invited to a Super Bowl party, I wasn’t in much of a mood to attend it, for personal reasons.  Instead, hubby and I went our separate ways to do different errands and came back together for dinner.  I have to say, though, I did keep a half-ear on the game during my chores, and WOW, what a game!  I do have to say I enjoyed it.
Ahem, but the food:  this was our dinner Super Bowl Sunday.  I had potatoes I needed to use up, and I wanted to put a fun spin on them, so I put my “typical Super Bowl snacks” hat on and this is what I came up with:  barbecqued kielbasa sausage (bringing in the “meat” portion of Super Bowl), and my version of Tex Mex potatoes, which sort of bring in a form of “potato chip”, and the Tex Mex part gives a nod to the salsa/dips that are usually seen at a SB party.  It ended up being pretty good, and it brought a bit of fun to an otherwise somber day.  Leave me a comment if you want the recipe.  🙂

And this is just for funsies.  It’s on the January list, but I couldn’t help myself:


After weeks of anticipation, I finally got my snow day, and we ran into this cutie while we went out to enjoy the snow.  We had so much fun playing!  Hopefully it brings a smile to your face!


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Five Things


1. Share five things you hope to do before you die.

I feel like the “bucket list” question has been asked a lot lately!  Must be something in the air.  Anyhow, I guess I’ll post things I haven’t posted in awhile:
1) Visit the Seven Natural Wonders of the World
2) Get the tattoo I’ve wanted since I was 18
3) Take professional singing lessons
4) Learn to play the guitar well enough to do an open mic
5) Be responsible for at least one person getting published and becoming a bestseller


2. List five things you love about yourself.

1) My optimism
2) My hair
3) My professionalism in a work environment
4) My ability to not compromise my morals
5) My smile


3. Share the five coolest things that you’ve done in 2013.
Wow, it’s been quite the year already!  Where to start?!?
1) Recreated Honolulu at home
2) Learned to make pico de gallo
3) Random mini-road trip to enjoy some snow!
4) Successfully wrote at least 10 minutes a day in my journal since the start of 2013.
5) Watched my first Inauguration Ceremony (not in person, but still fun).


4. List five things that you always have in your kitchen.
1) Some sort of hot caffeinated beverage
2) Flower vase turned into a kitchen utensil holder
3) Set of measuring spoons that we got as gifts for our wedding shower

measuring spoons
4) A sitting doggie, patiently waiting for something yummy to “accidentally” drop on the floor
5) Calendar pages for the week held up by refrigerator magnets


5. Share five places you would like to go on vacation.

1) Vermont during autumn
2) Train ride on the Rocky Mountaineer through the Canadian Rockies
3) Any gorgeous ski lodge in Colorado (during the winter, of course)
4) Cascais, Portugal (pronounced kiss-kiss.  Love it!)–mostly influenced by a gorgeous essay I read in college (which, of course, I can’t find now…)
5) The non-touristy parts of Italy


6. List five celebrities/public figures you’d like to meet.
1) Neil Patrick Harris
2) Taylor Swift
3) Jillian Harris (though I guess she’s not really a HUGE celebrity…)
4) Michelle Obama
5) Benjamin Franklin (if he were still alive)
if we’re talking still-living, then the fifth one would be Ellen Degeneres
**I already feel pretty lucky to have met Lynda Barry & Jen Lancaster, two of my favorite authors, so that’s pretty awesome.


7. List five bands or artists you’d like to see perform live.
1) Taylor Swift (I know, I know…I have a weird, slightly-obsessive fangirl thing with her)
2) Brad Paisley (again.  He puts on an incredible show!)
3) Miranda Lambert (hmm…I didn’t realize I was on such a country kick lately!)
4) *NSYNC reunion!  Hahahahaha!  There it is.  I came out of the boy band closet.
5) Bo Burnham!! Who, I guess, isn’t technically an “artist” in the popular sense of the word.  He’s a musical comedian, and he is a freakin’ GENIUS.  Check out his standup show; I think it’s on Netflix.  It’s amazing.  Can’t believe the kid is only 22.


8. List five TV shows that you don’t want to miss.
1) How I Met Your Mother
2) The Talk
3) The Bachelor/ette (another guilty pleasure)
4) Project Runway, but sadly, I don’t have the means to watch it.  Missed the 2nd season of All Stars, and it makes me more upset than it should.
5) Parenthood
*honorable mentions:  Glee (even though the plot line is pretty much gone, it’s good to have on in the background), The Voice…can you tell I don’t really watch TV for any educational reason?


9. Share five things you wanted to do as a child.
1) Be a spy just like Harriet the Spy
2) Be a model (I was four and foolish, but lemme tell ya, I had my fierce pose DOWN!)
3) Be a writer (now it’s more like I want to help someone else become a published writer…)
4) Find a real-life unicorn (this is still true today)
5) Collect all of the books in the Sweet Valley Twins series (also true today)


10.  Share five things you hope to do in 2013.

1) Secure a stable job
2) Finish unpacking my craft room
3) Have my application accepted either as a volunteer counselor that uses poetry as therapy, or as a writer-in-residence at a women’s writing retreat center.  Or both would be awesome.
4) Ride a tandem bike
5) Catch Comet ISON in the sky at the end of the year.  Preferably in a low-light-pollution area.

Wishing Fun For You Too!

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Spiritual Sunday: Go Team COMMUNITY!

Gimme a D!  Gimme an I!  Gimme an S-C-L-A-I-M-E-R!  What does that spell?  DISCLAIMER!

This time last year, tragedy befell my little community.  Life really hasn’t been the same since.  I found out about it during a friend’s Super Bowl party, and now I feel like Super Bowl can’t come around again without thinking of the horrific events that took place.  Super Bowl Sunday has become what December 14th has become for Newtown, Connecticut; what April 20th has become for Columbine/Littleton, Colorado; what September 11th has become for New York City.  It’s a day of silence, introspection, respect for what was lost.

christmas box angelThe book that inspired statues built at many cemeteries, including the one in my town.

It’s been said that following a tragedy, people start to rally around their faiths, moreso than before.  I believe it’s because faith gives them a comfort to hold onto, a hope that perhaps victims are no longer suffering, for a plea to be healed from the pain they’re feeling, to show victims’ families the strength of a community of support.

I know that certainly happened with me.  After that unforgettable day, I wept, I prayed, I had a long conversation with God about countless things.  After spending most of my life being pretty hush-hush about my religious beliefs, all of a sudden, I became one of the people who posted YouTube videos of church hymns and posted Bible verses as a Facebook status.  I went to church for strength and for healing.  I lit remembrance candles at an altar for the first time in my life.  But most of all, I attended church because I knew that community was just as emotionally fragile as I was; they knew what was going on, and they were experiencing much of the same things as I was.  This religious rebirth only lasted for a few weeks, but it was certainly intense.

The important thing I took away from all this was that I was how lucky I was to live in a community that came together to support each other and help one another grieve.  Although church and spirituality had a good hand in helping me through that trial, what I think really helped me was getting together with the friends in my community whom I’ve known for a long time.  The funny thing is, during those times, we only touched on the event briefly.  What was more important about us getting together was to prove to each other that there are still good people in the world, that good friends still existed, and really to just have a sense of normal while we all walked through a haze together.  In those moments, I’d like to think there was just an all-around appreciation of one another, just for being there.

I’ve never been a person that’s been big into sports, but I gather many sports fanatics garner similar feelings of community when they get together with people who are fans of the same sports team.  It gives them a common belief, a common goal, a sharing of disappointments and joys.

So today, on this Super Bowl Sunday, I’d like to point out the winner for all of us:  Team Community.  Thank goodness for the people in our lives that get us through so much.

Hoping Your Community is a Winner Too,