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Fashion Friday: Desperately trying to define “t-shirt”

Clothing Inventory to Complete (own all things on list and take pics of them)T-shirts

For all those who have been faithfully and daily following my blog (okay, I realize that may be 3 of you at the most, but girl’s gotta start somewhere, right?  And if you’re one of those 3, thank you from the bottom of my heart), I’m BACK!  I did actually finish a Wednesday and Thursday post if you’re interested in those.  If not, no bigs, and welcome to Friday!  🙂

FYI, the reason I’ve been out of commission is because of a strange backache and flu-like symptoms.  Today, though, my blog-update-addiction got the best of me.  That brings me to right now, writing a Fashion Friday post with a Snuggie wrapped around me.  Don’t hate.  😉

So the new section of the Lucky Shopping Manual lists “t-shirts.”  I have a confession:  for the life of me, I couldn’t really differentiate between what they pictured as “t-shirts” and what they pictured as “tops”.  At first, I thought their t-shirt definition was a plain-colored all-cotton shirt in the traditional “T” shape.  But then I flipped through the pages and found a striped shirt (goes against my “plain-colored theory” and a shirt with a blinged-out buckle on its shoulder and an assymetrical neck/sleeve line (which COMPLETELY confused me).  Then I flipped to the “tops” section and found a couple plain-colored, all-cotton, t-shaped ones.  So, dear readers, if you are able to properly draw the line between tops and t-shrits, I would be forever in your debt.  For the purposes of this post, I stuck to plain-colored, basic-shaped shirts, unless otherwise noted (the “stripes” section, to be specific).

I have to apologize for the quality of these pictures.  Unfortunately, I’m working with a horrible camera because the wonderful camera I fell in love with and used for about 4 years and took amazing pictures broke in October.  I sorely miss it.  So I have to settle for this one until I get funds to get an awesome one again.  First world problems, I know.  Anyhow, I’m starting to get a headache again from all this confusion, so to avoid that, I’ll just dive right in:


__ 2 good white tees

White tee:  jm collection (gifted).

*Own 1, need 1 more

 2 good black tees

Stretchy black tee: hillard&hanson (bought at Mervyn’s…Mervyn’s!  You remember that store?!?  2007)

Structured black tee:  Cherokee (thrifted).

4 tanks

Light turquoise tank: a.n.a. (bought from JCPenney 2008ish)

Plum tank: CAbi–the label is capitalized just like that– (thrifted)

Brown tank (??? possibly “top” by Lucky’s definition because of the unique sleeves and bling on the neckline):  dressbarn (thrifted).

Dark turquoise (unfortunately my camera wasn’t able to capture the true rich jewel-toned color) tank: JonesNewYork (gifted).

1 striped tee

Black & white striped tee:  Faded Glory (thrifted).


 1 henley or polo

Dark purple henley: Old Navy** (thrifted)

**Author’s note:  For the most part, I’m anti-Old Navy.  Well, anti-the-whole-Gap-corporation, to be specific.

My husband and I had a very bad experience with the whole corporation, so I’ve boycotted the company.

Unless I run across something I really, really love.  So this is a rare thing in my wardrobe.  Also, don’t take

that as me turning my nose up at anyone else who shops at/works for any of the stores in the Gap corporation.

I’m sure they don’t treat everyone badly.  Rant over.

__5 t-shirts in unpredictable colors

Pink ruched-sleeve tee: GNW (thrifted).

“Lucky Green” (that’s the color they list it as) tee: a.n.a. (bought at JCPenney 2011).

Blurple (that’s my official made-up color…a color where you can’t tell if it’s blue or purple) tee: Merona (thrifted).

*Own 3, need 2 more (I really want 1 navy blue & 1 yellow)

__4 more fun tees

*Own none.  Or at least, no “fun tees” that I would actually qualify as a “top” (because they have different necklines, aren’t cotton, and have print on them).  So, need 4 more?  Maybe?  I think that may be overkill, but what the heck.

**Note:  Since I hail from a part of the world where I need long-sleeved shirts to not suffer from frostbite, I took the liberty of adding the following to my “you’re covered if” arsenal:
1 good long-sleeved black tee

Black long-sleeved shirt: Venezia (thrifted).

__1 good long-sleeved white tee

*Own 0, need 1.  Preferably boatneck.

3 long-sleeved t-shirts in unpredictable colors

Blurple long-sleeved shirt: Eileen Fisher (thrifted).

Gray v-neck long-sleeved shirt:  a.n.a. (thrifted). *I have to say

when I first got this shirt I thought I would only wear it on days

I wanted to keep it simple and casul, but it has quickly become one of

my favorite shirts because I’ve been able to make it so versatile!  Good decision.

Brown long-sleeved shirt: St. John’s Bay (gifted…not from my

mother this time, but from my older brother for Christmas.  It

was actually something on my Christmas list).

2 black tanks & 2 white tanks (I have to say that these weren’t on the Lucky list, but I’ve read in countless fashion magazines that these should be a staple in anyone’s wardrobe, and I agree.  So without much deliberation, I chose to not include these on the “Extras” list and instead put it on with the “you’re covered if…” stuff.)

Black cotton & lace tank: Honestly, I’ve worn this so many times that the tag’s worn off, so I don’t know the brand (gifted…I think).

Black ribbed tee:  Another shirt I’ve worn so much that the tag wore off, so again, don’t know the brand (thrifted…though I swear the brand was intact when I bought it).

White cotton & lace tank:  Jockey (thrifted).  *Tip for those not in-the-know:  if you’re looking for a cheap, basic layering tank, totally get the Jockey & Hanes ones.  They usually come in like a 3-pack of white, black and gray.  They’re so comfy and often fit so well!

White v-neck cotton & lace tank: style&co (thrifted).
Extras (tees I own that are in addition to those on the “you’re covered if…” list):

Lavender tank: Xhiliration (thrifted).

Pink cotton & lace tank: St. John’s Bay (bought at JCPenney 2012)

Red long-sleeved henley: liz&co (thrifted).  I love the pearlized snaps!  🙂


I’ve decided I liked the skirt Fashion Friday format so much that I think I’ll adopt that format for all Fashion Fridays.  🙂  So, here it goes!

What I’ve learned:

*Did you notice that I didn’t have a t-shirt to donate?  I’m happy to say that I have worn all these shirts throughout the year with amazing consistency.  All of them work with my wardrobe and serve well to mix and match.  I guess they don’t call t-shirts “basics” for nothing, right?

*For tanks, I’ve noticed that I’m pretty particular about their fit.  In general I look for ones that are long, not short, and body-grazing, not tight or super-loose.  I also learned that I’m attracted to tanks with lace on them, probably because it makes the tank able to be dressed up or down.  Also, it means that I’m not a spaghetti-strap tank person for the most part (my ample chest makes it look sorta like a joke).

*I buy A LOT of stuff from thrift store!  Holy cow, I didn’t notice until I listed all my tees just how much I’ve been thrift store shopping.  I think I’ve become somewhat of a thrift store snob, where I see something at the mall and think, “I could probably find something more unique and less expensive at the thrift store.”  I’ve also noticed that if I do shell out money at a non-thrift store, it’s because I absolutely love it, know I would never be able to find it at a thrit store, am looking for something so super-specific and of-the-moment that I’d really only be able to find it at a clothing store (but not for lack of hardcore combing through the thrift stores first) and/or the fit is impeccable.

*I gravitate towards the a.n.a. brand for t-shirts.  I’ve come to realize that I specifically look for that brand at thrift stores because they fit so well and I love the style of them.  Coincidentally, this is one of the only brands that I specifically set aside money for to pay full-price at the mall for.

Shirts I need to wear more often:

…rather than shirts I haven’t worn yet, because I’ve mentioned, I’ve actually worn all these during the year.  The three that stick out are my red henley*, white shirt* (mostly because I have another white shirt that I favor over that one…but it fits more of the “tops” category), and plum tank (admittedly because of the reason that it’s the clingiest out of all my tanks and I have to be feeling really good about my body before stepping out in that baby).

*A few days ago, just to challenge myself, I brought out the red henley and white shirt, layered them together with some antique-looking jewelry, dark gray jeans, and black pumps, and I loved the result.  It just reinforced the fact that I do indeed like having them in my wardrobe.

Final tee shopping list:

__1 good white tee

__2 tees in unpredictable colors (preferably navy blue & yellow)

__4 fun tees

__1 cream or white boatneck long-sleeved tee

For all you fashionistas/fashion-interested out there, some questions:

1)  What is your favorite shirt out of the above?  Your least favorite?  (As in, do you have any “what was she thinking?!?” impressions of any of the above?)

2) Aside from what is noted above that I need to add to a shopping list, is there anything glaringly missing from my collection?  Is there anything you would suggest to round out/compliment what I already have?

3) After seeing the pictures, do you think I’ve miscategorized anything?

4) Do you happen to know the true definition of a t-shirt vs. top?  Because I am so thoroughly confused.

5) Do you think any of these shirts are out of place in my wardrobe (i.e., does one or more skirt(s) not fit the fashion profile/personality of the others)?–Ironically, I didn’t actually see a cohesive “t-shirt personality” for myself shine through in these choices, so perhaps a more appropriate question is, “What is my t-shirt personality/what do you gather of my fashion personality from these t-shirt choices?”

6) Do you love thrifting as much as I do, or are you morally against thrifting when it comes to fashion?  If yes, what is your favorite thrift store?  If no, what about thrifting turns you off to it?  Also, are there any particular brands that you specifically save your money for?

Let me know in the comments below!  Thanks.  🙂